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chiropractic treatment sydney

What is chiropractic treatment or manipulation?

Chiropractic treatment works on the skeletal system (bones and joints) to keep everything in line and functioning freely. Chiropractic care is a safe, natural and effective form of health care.

How do you benefit from chiropractic treatment?

The goal of chiropractic care is to gradually restore your spine and joints to their natural position and motion, thus improving posture, nervous system function, spine function and overall health.

How is chiropractic treatment performed?

A chiropractor administers specific adjustments to areas in your spine that are “fixated” or out of alignment. These “fixated” areas inhibit normal nervous and spinal function. Adjustment techniques vary from practitioner to practitioner. Some employ quick rapid thrusts while others are slower with constant pressure. All techniques are equally effective and may be employed depending on your circumstance.

Chiropractic treatment combined with soft tissue treatment for best results.

Active Muscle and Spine, our highly trained Sydney chiropractors take a holistic approach to your musculoskeletal injuries.  Our results are different because our approach is different. We examine the way you move and pinpoint your biomechanical faults. Then we fix them using our proven and effective therapies. Our consultations typically involve chiropractic treatment and muscle release soft tissue therapy.

We offer more than just back pain solutions. Our treatments can work for sciatic nerve pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, neck pain, heel pain, knee pain, bursitis, tennis elbow, and more.  We’ve helped thousands overcome their musculoskeletal injuries. We can get results with injuries that are chronic, unresponsive to conventional treatment, or the result of surgery. 

All our treatment plans are also customised to you.

Your body is made up of your skeleton and other soft tissue like muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and nerves. Since they work together, it makes sense to fix them together. We mobilise your joints with chiropractic treatment. We fix soft tissue repetitive strain or overuse injuries with Active Release Techniques ®.

Visit us today and experience a different approach to chiropractic treatment. Our Pitt St chiropractic clinic is located next to Martin Place and opposite Angle Pl in the Sydney CBD.