Nerve or muscle pain?

Get fixed with our gold standard soft tissue therapy; Active Release Technique ®.


Back, neck or shoulder pain?

Get of pain quickly with our experienced Chiropractors and innovative treatments.


Got an unresolved injury?

Feel the results of our new chronic injury treatment. It really works.


Chiropractor Sydney CBD

We are experienced Sydney CBD Chiropractors and soft tissue experts. Our chiropractors treat musculoskeletal injuries such as sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain, RSI, neck pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and more. Over the past 17 years, we’ve helped thousands find ache, discomfort and pain relief at our Sydney city clinic.

Our city chiropractic clinic strives to fix all your sports, work and physical injuries. We offer a highly tailored approach to your treatment plan and patients usually feel the difference immediately.  Often there is little need for lifestyle or training breaks.

We take pride in solving your complex and persistent injuries, even when conventional treatments haven’t worked for you in the past.

Active Release Technique ®

Our Sydney Chiropractors are also some of the most experienced Active Release Technique ® practitioners. This is a type of myofascial release therapy for nerves, muscles, ligaments, fascia and tendons. It’s medically patented and considered the best in repetitive strain soft tissue treatment.

Active Release Technique ® shortens treatment time. Results are real and long lasting because this muscle therapy treats the root cause of soft tissue injuries.

This is a safe, hands on physical therapy. Our Chiropractors are professionally trained in over 500 protocols. Dr Mike Badke, our principal chiropractor,  is also a former Active Release therapy instructor.

It’s new, different and most importantly, it works.

Shock Wave Therapy (SWT)

Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) is a new proven treatment for pain, trigger point, tendon and chronic injuries. It’s also considered a therapy of last resort before surgery.

Research shows it’s effective for plantar fasciitis or foot pain, tennis elbow, shoulder, hamstring injuries and so much more.

It uses a high intensity sound wave to stimulate your body’s natural healing process. Like our other treatments, it’s natural, non-surgical and non-invasive.

Our proven therapy mix combined with our deep expertise in the musculoskeletal system, gives us a powerful edge in treating your aches and pains. 

Get back to being active with our experienced and caring chiropractors in Sydney. Combine this with our muscle therapy for one of the best treatment solutions to your aches and pains.

Nerve entrapment

Tingling or numbness

Biceps tendonitis

Turf toe

Runner’s Knee

Knee Pain

Ankle pain or stiffness

Hip pain


Patelo Femoral syndrome

Active Release Techniques ® specifically designed to treat the root cause of soft tissue injuries.

Active Release Technique ® is a medically patented physical therapy that fixes fast, giving real and lasting solutions for soft tissue injuries. Get your muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and nerves back into shape today.
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Swiss quality Shock Wave Therapy for best relief of aches and pains at our Sydney clinic.

Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) is used for pain and trigger point therapy. It uses a high intensity sound wave to increase your body’s natural healing process. It doesn’t use ultrasound or electrical pulses. It’s research backed and non-invasive.
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Chiropractic adjustments to free up your joints, improve posture and help with lower back pain.

The goal of chiropractic treatment is to get your spine and joints back to their natural position and motion. This improves your posture, nervous system and spine function. Chiropractic care is a safe, natural and effective form of health care.
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