Shoulder Pain Treatment

Who doesn’t get tight, achey or painful shoulders? Given the demands of our modern lifestyles, it is not surprising shoulder pain is common. It is estimated 15-30% of Australians suffer from shoulder pain at any given time.

We notice our patients tend to live with a lot of pain and discomfort because they usually:

  • Believe their shoulder pain will just go away if they ignore it long enough;
  • Didn’t know they can feel better;
  • Are busy and have little time to devote to taking care of themselves;
  • Previous treatment didn’t work or didn’t last and;
  • Didn’t know who is going to give them the best results.

I’ve seen Dr Badke 2yrs ago and found him exceptional. This time it is very much the same case with his treatment I’m just annoyed that I didn’t see him six weeks ago when I first injured my shoulder. Even my physio is shocked how much I improved even after one session.


Will stretching and exercising help my shoulder pain?

Stretching and exercises alone can help, but only to a point. When movement is limited, tension becomes frequent and pain sets in. This means your shoulders are not coping with what you are asking them to do. When pain occurs, it’s important to:

  • Decrease the strain on your shoulder/s and,
  • Increase your shoulders’ ability to handle strain

Exercises are designed to increase the strain on your muscles. If your shoulder has flexibility or stability problems then exercising may not be a good idea. Exercises are important but should commence once the shoulder can safely move without damaging itself. Starting exercises before flexibility and stability of the shoulder is restored may be a reason why you are not getting results from your stretching and strengthening programs.

We can give you expert advice on what exercises will be right for your shoulders, regardless of your goals. We can also monitor your progress after your shoulder pain treatments.

Finding the right shoulder pain treatment

Every day at our Sydney clinic, one of our patients comment on how relaxed and mobile their shoulders have become and “why didn’t I do this ages ago?” The answer is, people just don’t know how good they should feel.

Tight and hard muscles have physically changed to adapt to extra strain. Over time, scar tissue literally builds up in the strained muscle and acts like a glue to stick everything around it; resulting in less flexibility and less ability to do work. Your body does not have a mechanism for breaking down scar tissue and this must be done manually. The soft tissue treatments specifically designed for this purpose are Active Release Techniques ®.

What about chronic shoulder pain treatment?

When tight shoulders have been successfully ignored for many years, the changes in the muscle are more difficult to resolve. The scar tissue becomes more leather like and restricts circulation. This limits the muscle’s ability to heal. When the muscle is used, it begins to create waste products faster than it can get rid of them. This backlog of fluid is the reason why your muscles feel tight and hard and, why your shoulders become painful with use.

Your body is an incredible healing machine but sometimes your natural healing mechanisms need a jumpstart. This is where Shockwave Therapy can help. At our Sydney clinic, we use high intensity sound waves to treat chronic pain, even if the tendon is calcified. One of the amazing effects of Shockwave Therapy care is that it stimulates the body to grow new blood vessels. Over time, even a degenerating tendon can be effectively healed.

Shockwave Therapy has been subjected to numerous clinical trials and has been shown to be remarkably consistent in providing relief to the most persistent of shoulder problems. For example, Shockwave Therapy has a 91% success rate with Calcific Rotator Cuff Tendonosis (Journal of the American Medical Association 2005). Shockwave Therapy is now recommended as a treatment of last resort before surgery.

We have successfully treated thousands of cases of shoulder pain using the latest in technology and therapies. We are a leading integrated musculoskeletal treatment center located opposite Wynyard station in the Sydney CBD.

Active Release Techniques ® to break down scar tissue

Active Release Technique (A.R.T) ® is a medically patented treatment designed to permanently break down scar tissue; the main cause of muscular, tendon and ligament shoulder pain. It’s new, different and most importantly, it works.

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Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) for chronic shoulder pain

Shock Wave Therapy is a new innovative technology that sends high intensity sound waves (not ultrasound or electrical shock) through your body to stimulate its natural healing responses. It’s non-invasive and considered a last resort before surgery.

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Chiropractic Treatment to free up your joints

Our chiropractors may choose to adjust your shoulder joint if it is out of alignment and contributing to your shoulder pain. This also helps to increase range of motion in your neck and shoulders. It’s a safe, natural and effective form of health care.

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