What is Active Release Technique ® ?

Active Release Technique ® is a medically patented hands on soft tissue therapy regarded as the gold standard for restoring function and flexibility to muscles, nerves, fascia, tendons and ligaments. It’s new, different and most importantly, it works.

100+ million changed lives globally by over 10,000 Active Release Technique providers

Active Release Therapy permanently breaks down adhesions

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Whether you’re desk bound or an athlete, gain better performance by removing “glued” soft tissue.

Active Release Therapy was developed some 30 years ago by an aeronautical engineer who became a Chiropractor. As Dr Leahy analysed the movement of elite athletes, he realised his engineering and chiropractic skills gave him a powerful edge in treating their soft tissue injuries. This helped his athletes gain peak performance quickly.

With his new understanding of anatomy and the body’s mechanics, Dr Leahy gained a unique insight into soft tissue injuries from overuse or repetitive strain.

He found they resulted from:

  • a build up of small tears (micro-trauma)
  • acute injuries (pulls, tears, collisions, etc)
  • lack of oxygen (hypoxia)

Scar tissue or adhesions were formed, “gluing” tissues together, stopping their free movement. As scar tissue built up, muscles became shorter and weaker. As a result, range of motion decreased, strength was lost, and pain set in.

If this happens in your tendons, it results in tendonitis eg tennis elbow. If it happens to your nerves, they can become trapped eg sciatica. If you have a trapped nerve, you are likely to feel tingling, numbness, and weakness.

Normally, your body naturally rids itself of scar tissue. However, when it builds up, it needs to be removed manually. Active Release Techniques ® was specifically developed to remove scar tissue. It shortens treatment time and provides lasting relief for repetitive strain (RSI) or overuse injuries.

Active Release Technique ® is used worldwide by professional athletes for their sports injuries

Since Active Release Technique works on different principles relative to other soft tissue treatments, it was granted a medical patent in 1985. Within 3 years of Dr. Leahy starting to treat the Denver Broncos, every Grid Iron team in the NFL had an Active Release Therapist. Now most sporting franchises in North America can train harder, longer and with less injury with the help of Active Release Techniques ® providers.

active release technique sydneyActive Release Technique ® is also a global sponsor of the Ironman and Triathlon series. Dr. Leahy, a veteran of 25 Ironman events, is well acquainted with the repetitive strain these athletes undergo. It has been a great proving ground for the effectiveness of this therapy.

Active Release Therapy is a powerful solution for RSI and other overuse or repetitive motion injuries

Wrist pain or carpal tunnel are typical computer injuries successfully treated with Active Release therapy.

The problems encountered by endurance athletes have the same root cause as the problems experienced by office workers; scar tissue. Active Release Techniques ® is now also recognised by OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety in the USA) as best practice for management of repetitive strain (RSI) and overuse injuries in the work place.

Traditional treatment typically involves rest, ice, various electrical modalities, corrective exercise, anti-inflammatory drugs or surgery. Most healthcare providers also use massage, trigger point, corrective exercises, electrical modalities and ultrasound for these injury types. While they may give reasonable results, Active Release Techniques is a better way forward.

Why choose us as your Active Release Technique Sydney providers?

Better outcomes with a holistic, experienced approach.

Dr Mike Badke’s own nagging swimming injury led him to be one of Australia’s first A.R.T ® Chiropractors and Instructors. After 60,000+ treatments, we also find most people with soft tissue injuries have misaligned joints. So by seeing a Chiro with Active Release skills, you get both your soft tissue and joints restored for a holistic musculoskeletal solution.

Quicker results with precision diagnostics.

Given chiropractors require a higher level of education, you get an expert in both anatomy and biomechanics who can quickly find the exact tissue causing your pain. Better diagnosis usually means a focused treatment plan with fewer visits. Our clients usually notice an immediate decrease in pain and a higher tolerance to activity.

We understand when performance counts.

We’ve treated a mix of people…….those wanting to get active again, office workers who just want to get out of pain, musicians who’d love to play again, professional athletes and personal trainers with performance goals and more. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you have a musculoskeletal injury, chances are we can fix it.

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