Chiro Sydney CBD – Dr Damian Brown

As a talented Chiro in the Sydney CBD, Dr Damian Brown uses a unique mix of chiropractic treatment and other proven soft tissue therapies for best results:

  • Active Release Techniques ® designed to fix the root cause of most soft tissue injuries. This gold standard therapy is also medically patented.
  • Exercise prescription to help minimise injury relapses due to incorrect movement patterns.
  • Shock wave therapy for trigger point therapy and more complex injuries.
  • Kinesio taping and dry needling.

Damian specialises in fixing your neck, lower back, elbow, wrist, shoulder pain and more. He is also passionate about fixing your sporting injuries, even if they are chronic.

Damian performs functional movement assessments and focuses on a ‘whole body’ approach when fixing your posture and movement. This gives you the best chance of real long-term solutions.

While studying a Bachelor of Science at UNSW, Damian had debilitating lower back pain from the long hours sitting behind a desk (like most of us!). He found many common ‘quick fix’ solutions to be unsuccessful. However, a Sydney Chiropractor who took the time to find the root cause of his lower back and neck pain was able to provide real results. This inspired Damian to take a new direction with his studies.

Damian also understands the needs of active people. He’s spent many years training and competing in Crossfit, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and long distance running. He loves keeping active and is passionate about empowering his clients to be active too.

While Damian treats many types of conditions, some examples over the years include:

  • Office workers for lower back and neck pain
  • Crossfit Athletes for shoulder impingement and squat dysfunction
  • Tennis players and golfers for elbow and wrist pain
  • Gym junkies for shoulder pain
  • Tradies for lower back pain
  • Endurance Runners for shin splints and achilles pain

Our leading Chiro Sydney CBD Clinic  is located on George Street, opposite Wynyard station in the city.  Call us on 8964 6887 and make an appointment today. You’re in good hands.

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