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sciatica treatment sydney

Sciatica treatment with a difference

Sciatica can be a painful problem to live with and finding the right sciatica treatment can be confusing. Over the past 17 years, we have gained extensive experience in treating sciatica. We have delivered 1000s of treatments to Sydney sciatica sufferers with disc bulges and pinched nerves, common causes of sciatic nerve pain.

Most sciatica pain can be treated without the use of medications, injections, or surgery. These therapies should be used as a last resort; only after less invasive sciatica nerve treatments have been exhausted.

What is sciatica pain and its common causes?

Most clients believe lower back and / or leg pain is sciatic nerve pain.

For medical professionals, sciatica is technically a “pinching” or compression of the sciatic nerve either in the lower back, buttocks, or leg.

A bulging disc pushing on the sciatic nerve most commonly causes sciatica pain.

Don’t miss these early signs of sciatica

  1. Uncomfortable sitting for extended periods.
  2. Lower back and leg pain.
  3. Stiffness in your lower back in the mornings or getting out of a chair that gets better with moving.
  4. The back of one leg is tighter than the other (tight hamstrings, behind the knee or calf).
  5. Decreased power or incoordination in one leg (especially with a lunge or single leg squat).
  6. Decreased ankle flexibility.

Sciatica treatment at this time helps to: 

  • Minimise sciatic treatment duration
  • Stop the progression of your sciatic symptoms
  • Limit the impact on your activities

No one treatment fixes every case of sciatica

The best approach to sciatica treatment is not purely chiropractic, physio, exercise physiology or massage driven.

Different treatments affect the body in different ways. A treatment’s success is based on how well it corrects what is wrong.

This is why an accurate diagnosis taking into account all the factors that can be causing your problem is often necessary to fully resolve sciatica and prevent continued suffering.

If your current sciatica treatment is not working, it is often because one or more of the root causes discussed below has not been addressed.

Get a second opinion and visit our premier sciatica treatment Sydney clinic today.  

How our Chiropractors can get results at our sciatica treatment Sydney clinic

Unlocking the pressure on your sciatic nerve

Initially, the most severe sciatic symptoms are usually caused by inflammation. The tissues around the nerve swell and compress the sciatic nerve. This generally lasts between 2-8 days.

Treatment at this time is focused on decompressing the disc to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve.  We do not recommend chiropractic adjustments during this period although it may be used at a safer time.

A bulging disc most commonly causes sciatica. It’s important to consider very few cases of sciatica are due to bad luck. i.e. You’ve slipped or lifted something and now you have sciatica. The discs in your spine are designed to last a lifetime. You need to put considerable wear and tear through a disc before it fails. Figuring out why you’re wearing out your discs and stopping it is the best way to prevent lasting damage.

Freeing your sciatic nerve in your buttock or leg

This is the most commonly overlooked reason why a person does not fully resolve their sciatic pain or return to full function.

When you bend forward your sciatic nerve slides in between your muscles in the back of your leg. It slides up and down by about 4 cm.   If you have a tight hamstring on one side, your sciatic nerve is likely to blame.

If your nerve is stuck, it gets yanked when you swing your leg forward. This results in movement restriction and/or nerve irritation.

You need a comprehensive knowledge of the anatomy and advanced soft tissue skills to identify where exactly the nerve is stuck and free it up.  Not all practitioners are adept at performing this essential part of sciatica treatment. Our chiropractors are trained in a medically patented soft tissue treatment whose aim is to relieve nerve compression and sciatica pain..

Re-learning everyday functional movements

Few people suddenly ruin their back eg you fall, have an accident, or lift something heavy. Most people ruin their back one day at a time from not using their body correctly for everyday tasks. It’s the little daily movements that wear and tear your body over time.

To help people re-learn how they should be lifting, squatting, bending, and moving correctly, we developed a mobility and strengthening exercise program for sciatica pain called Move Smart.  It’s a comprehensive answer to help you perform at your best and get the most out of your body for life.

Our clients tell us not only are the exercises effective, but our tips are valuable and interesting.

How well will your body stand up to the test of time?

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