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Tension Headache Treatment for stress, tension, or TMJ headaches with our proven mix of natural therapies

When tension headaches strike, they can affect every aspect of your life. Even if it’s just a dull background ache – you have less patience, less concentration, and a less positive frame of mind. This can have knock-on effects on your work and personal life.

Most of our clients pass off their headaches as “just dehydration”. It is true dehydration causes headaches and you should make sure you are getting enough non-caffeinated fluids. However, tension headaches are by far the most common cause of a headache.

A good test is to drink water. If your headache goes away in an hour or two, you had a dehydration headache. If not, most of the time you have a tension headache.

How do we treat a tension headache?

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands reduce or eliminate their painful tension and stress headaches with natural and safe therapies. If you have a tension headache, you most likely also have a tense neck, back, jaw (TMJ) and/or tight shoulders.

A lot of the time, tense muscles are a result of stress. We can resolve muscular tension and pain with a soft tissue therapy called Active Release Techniques ®. We also use chiropractic treatment to realign the joints in your tense areas.

Some of the more common ways to stop or relieve headaches are listed below:

Sit up straight and take frequent micro-breaks

Get yourself a contoured pillow to support your neck

Don’t sleep on your stomach. It aggravates your neck and other parts of your body

If your dentist has identified you as teeth grinder, consider our TMJ treatment

Drink water

Limit caffeine

Active Release Techniques to help remove muscular tension.

Active Release Technique ® is a medically patented therapy specifically designed to manually remove scar tissue, the common root cause of muscular pain in your neck, shoulders, jaw, back etc.

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Shock Wave Therapy to kick start your healing system.

Shock Wave Therapy is a new and non-invasive treatment for acute and trigger point pain. It uses high-intensity sound waves to stimulate your natural healing responses by interacting with your body’s tissues.

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Chiropractic Treatment to help free up your joints.

The goal of chiropractic care is to gradually restore your spine and joints to their natural position and motion, relieving tension in stressed areas like your back, neck, and shoulders. It’s safe, natural, and effective.

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