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Chiropractor Sydney - Mike Badke

Chiropractor Sydney and Master Active Release Techniques ® Provider – Dr Mike Badke

Dr Mike Badke is an experienced Sydney chiropractor who has provided musculoskeletal treatment for 20+ years and has personally delivered over 60,000 musculoskeletal treatments. He was the first to bring Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.®) to the Sydney city CBD and has gained a reputation for getting results for people with complex or persistent muscle and joint injuries.

While studying Chiropractic in the US, Mike developed an overuse injury in his shoulder due to swimming. One and a half years of chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment only provided him with temporary relief. This experience forced Mike to realise the limitations of these approaches for this type of injury and reluctantly, he was forced to give up swimming.

Mike was not satisfied with this result and continued to seek out an alternative solution. When back home in Canada, he heard of a chiropractor getting great results in the sporting community with Active Release Techniques ® (a relatively new therapy back then). He was willing to give anything a shot and after the treatment period, Mike’s symptoms had abated, and he returned to swimming without pain. This was the best result possible. For him being limited by a musculoskeletal injury stood in the way of enjoying being active and that was a big part of his life.

Having finally found the right treatment for his type of injury and certain there had to be many more people with issues overcoming overuse injuries, he set out to master Active Release Technique ® and ultimately became an instructor. Mike believes that the combination of Chiropractic, Active Release, Shock Wave Therapy, and good advice provides the best approach to your musculoskeletal problems.

Mike’s main focus is getting people out of pain and performing at their best. Some examples:

  • Office workers for lower back, shoulder, neck, and wrist pain
  • Endurance runners for sciatica treatment
  • Rock climbers for shoulder pain
  • NRL or football players for back pain
  • Weight lifters for flexibility and power issues
  • Musicians for repetitive strain in their fingers and hands
  • Jujitsu champions for neck relief
  • Iron men for shin splints
  • CrossFit athletes for knee pain
  • Sprinters for speed maximisation
  • Triathletes for personal bests

Chiropractic Qualifications

Doctor of Chiropractic, Western States University, USA
Master Active Release Technique Provider ®

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