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Sydney Chiropractor | Active Release Techniques ® Provider

Dr David Screnci is a Sydney CBD Chiropractor and Active Release Techniques ® (A.R.T.) Provider. He is passionate about fixing your shoulders, hips, hands, wrists, carpal tunnel, knees, plantar fasciitis and other lower limb injuries.

David also enjoys a close working relationship with Kate McArthur, Podiatrist and owner of City Feet Clinic. He has found combining Podiatry, Chiropractic and Active Release Technique ® to be a powerful combination for the treatment of lower limb injuries.

Whilst studying at university to become a Chiropractor, David continued to observe and work alongside over 50 health providers in Sydney, San Francisco and London. It was during these sessions, he first observed the benefits of Active Release Technique ® with Dr Mike Badke. He felt coupling Chiropractic treatment for joint mobility with a gold standard soft tissue therapy like Active Release Technique ® provided an effective total musculoskeletal solution for patients.

David also enjoys swimming, pilates and yoga and believes having a strong core is fundamental to being successfully active.